12 powodów, żeby stać się weganinem

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12. Crops require less land than livestock, easing global starvation and conflict.
11. Going vegetarian helps put a stop to rain forest destruction.
10. Vegetarians don’t have to worry about getting parasites from undercooked meat. And worries about mad cow disease are also a thing of the past.
9. With an ever expanding array of vegetarian-catering stores, including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market, it’s easier than ever to try the lifestyle.
8. Vegetarians tend to eat a richer, more varied diet.
7. Quitting meat can help lower your cholesterol.
6. Going vegetarian can add three to six years to your life! [1]
5. Reductions in dairy and meat can lower allergies and PMS symptoms, according to multiple studies.
4. Studies show vegetarians have better sex! [2]
3. Vegetarians tend to be slender and attractive — many celebrated celebs are vegetarians or vegans.
2. Recent research has proven even “primitive” animals like crabs can feel pain.
1. Meat is not a natural part of the human diet — humans can’t properly digest uncooked meat, though uncooked veggies are a tasty treat!

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Pic: Sunny, a runner-up in PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2009″

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